June 16, 2022 at 9:58am | Melanie Wood
If you feel exhausted just thinking about decluttering your entire home, no need to despair—just follow these 5 tips from professional organizers Miriam Ortiz y Pino and Elizabeth Larkin.

1 . Focus on one room at a time. 
Clutter can feel overwhelming, so don’t make things any harder on yourself. Choose one room—the one that’s bugging you the most—and dedicate a day or two to focusing on just that room. Don’t move on to the next room until that one is completely decluttered.

2. Declutter one drawer or shelf at a time. 
Whether you’re organizing your bathroom closet or your kitchen cabinets, focus on just one compartment at a time. Even if you only manage to clean out one “junk drawer” in a day, you’ll be able to see your progress and it will inspire you to keep up the momentum

3. Start with a garbage bag. 
Begin your decluttering mission by tossing the obvious trash, says Miriam. Hunt down all of the expired coupons, empty Amazon boxes and envelopes, and pens that no longer write. “The physical space that trash takes up hinders your ability to make good decisions about the rest of it,” says Miriam

4. Move non-kitchen items out of the kitchen. 
Have you ever noticed how much random “stuff” tends to end up on your kitchen counters? Mail, handbags, the dog’s leash, books, sunglasses, kids’ toys, you name it. Use a laundry basket to gather up anything that doesn’t belong in your kitchen, then drop those items off in the appropriate rooms.

5. Use 5 baskets or bins to sort clutter into 5 different categories: 
Put Away (things that need to be put back in their proper storage place), Recycle, Fix/Mend (things you love but need to repair so you can keep using them), Trash, and Donate.



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